New wiki photos; Worsleya bloom BUT.....

Kelly Irvin
Fri, 17 Sep 2004 03:50:54 PDT
Dear Lee:

I would have to agree with the others that your Lycoris is an Amaryllis 
belladonna. I ordered 'Flaming Dragon' from Van Bourgondien two 
different times. The second clump bloomed first and has turned out to be 
Lycoris radiata. The first clump finally bloomed this year and looks 
more like the photograph they portrayed as 'Flaming Dragon'. It's 
extremely beautiful to me, because it looks like a L. xhaywardii on 
color steroids, very dark.

Lee Poulsen wrote:

> I got this bulb from Van Bourgondien a few years ago. Are you saying 
> that those were not Lycoris? This is not like any Amaryllis that I've 
> ever seen either. I wonder what it could be.

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