live flowers are speakers in new Japanese product

Stacy Doolittle Doherty
Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:33:25 PDT
       A Japanese telecommunications equipment maker has come up with a
tricky way to hide audio speakers. The Ka-on, which means "flower sound" in
Japanese, consists of a donut-shaped magnet and coil at the base of a vase
that can be hooked up to a CD player, stereo or television set. When flowers
are placed in the vase, the sound vibrations move up through the stems into
the petals and leaves, filling the entire room with gentle music. Masumi
Gotoh, president of Let's Corp, which makes the Ka-On, says the gadget is
ideal for piping music via flower arrangements at weddings, reception desks
and restaurants. The vases and amplifiers come in several sizes, priced from
$46 to $460, and Gotoh says the device has an added bonus -- the vibrations
discourage insects and make the flowers last longer. "The plant is happy
listening to the music. Gerberas and sunflowers work especially well as
speakers." (AP 14 Sep 2004)

Texas Gardener Stacy Doolittle Doherty, lurker on the list. 

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