Flowering in Australia.....

Paul Tyerman ptyerman@ozemail.com.au
Fri, 10 Sep 2004 04:59:18 PDT
>Reading Jim McKenney's remarks about bulbs appearing in the fall when his 
>garden is at its peak reminds me of how different our growing conditions 
>are on this pbs list. Like Angelo it has been a

Mary Sue et al,

Thought I'd give a quick update on conditions and flowerings here in my 
garden in Canberra, Australia. I'll make you all jealous by commenting that 
it is most definitely spring here! <grin>  Masses of daffodils coming into 
bloom everywhere, spring flowering Prunus, Magnolias etc filling the air 
with perfumes.  Just gorgeous!!

Bulb-wise things are getting down to it.  As I mentioned the daffodils are 
coming into full swing now (our annual Horticultural Society Daffodil show 
is this weekend), the Galanthus are pretty much finished and are rapidly 
being replaced by Fritillarias (about 6 species in flower now) and 
Erythroniums.  LOTS of buds on the Erythroniums this year so it will be 
rather pretty shortly in that area of my pots, as well as the various 
plantings in the garden.  Now, if I could just get hold of seed of E. 
umbilicatum I would be much happier <grin> as that is one that I am 
coveting from the Bulbs of North America book.

Trilliums are just about to start flowering now, with the first few rivale 
already in flower.  Hellebores have been at their peak for a while now with 
some of the clumps starting to go over a bit.  The doubles have been very 
nice and I have of course been crossing madly to see what the seedlings 
look like.  Cyclamens are flowering of course, as they have been for so 
long now, and the Cardiocrinum bulb I have remaining is sending up it's 
leaf shoot now which is a relief.  The little species Narcissus have been 
gorgeous this year, with a few of the more uncommon species I think liking 
the hotter drier summer we had and flowering better than they have for me 
before.  Nice to have something good come of the drought!!

Speaking of the drought...... as I mentioned in the cardiocrinum message 
we've actually had rain recently.  In the last fortnight we've had about 4 
inches of rain, which is more than the 7 months prior to that put 
together.  DESPERATELY needed and the ground just drank it up 
wonderfully.  Nice to see a green tinge coming back to the paddocks around 
the city.  Also nice to actually have some decent water within the soil for 
the first time in absolutely ages.  That is one of the things that has 
pushed the bulbs through so rapidly.... the fact that we've had significant 

So other than what I've mentioned above there are also in bud or flower : 
Babianas, Ixias, Sparaxis, Lachenalias, Oxalis, Tulips, Ipheions, and 
Irises to name but a few.  And then of course there are all the shrubs and 
perennials.  It is a GREAT time of year!!

I thought you might all like to know what is going on in my part of the 
garden.  Still hoping for a lot more rain as we need some to actually get 
into the reservoirs for summer, but at least it is a start!! <grin>

I hope this finds everyone safe and well.  Good luck to the Florida 
residents who have had to cope with Charley and Frances and now I heard 
tonight that Hurricane Ivan is on the way and it is a category 5 at the 
moment!!  Yikes!!  Good luck everyone.


Paul Tyerman
Canberra, Australia.  USDA equivalent - Zone 8/9

Growing.... Galanthus, Erythroniums, Fritillarias, Trilliums, Cyclamen, 
Crocus, Cyrtanthus, Oxalis, Liliums, Hellebores, Aroids, Irises plus just 
about anything else that doesn't move!!!!!

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