refrigerators, bulbs, & ethylene gas

Susan Hayek
Fri, 17 Sep 2004 15:18:37 PDT
Might check this out.

>Myth busters of the world, unite! This has been an accepted piece of garden
>lore for at least as long as I've been gardening. However, it seems we have
>been worrying needlessly.
>According to information I received from a researcher in Holland, the amount
>of ethylene gas given off by fruit such as apples is relatively small.
>Further, refrigerator temperatures of 38° to 42° Fahrenheit reduces the
>production of ethylene gas, and also slows the bulbs' metabolism, further
>limiting the influence of the gas in the flower embryo within the bulbs. He
>seemed to think that the "ethylene gas blights bulbs' flowers" is just not
>supported by the facts.
>I discuss this at somewhat greater length/ more detail in "Bulbs for Garden
>Habitats" which will, God willing and the creeks don't rise, be released by
>Timber Press in May 2005.
>Judy in New Jersey where the creek, uninfluenced by hurricanes, has not yet

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