Bulbs in lawns

Arnold Trachtenberg arnold@nj.rr.com
Fri, 03 Sep 2004 18:30:11 PDT
Another kind of bulb in lawn is in  a spread of ivy with three different 
daffodils planted en masse.  The ivy grows beneath  a number of 80 year 
old European beech trees and the daffodils foliage has the chance to 
ripen before the trees truly leaf out.  They have been there for  three 
years and the daffodils seem to be thriving.  The daffodils are Pueblo, 
February Gold and Thalia.  It provides and spread of daffodils from 
early to  late season and also the colors of the display change as the 
different daffodils come into bloom.  The toughest part  was planting 
the bulbs in the tangle of ivy stems and tree roots from the beeches.

New Jersey

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