Thu, 02 Sep 2004 18:50:00 PDT

An email gardening friend send me 2-3 pieces of Albuca shawii.  It has 
thrived here, reblooming and setting seed once I figured out I had to play the part 
of the bee.  I like the plant and want to try some more Albuca species.

Silverhill seeds has a number of types.  So, which are the "easy" ones.  
Which are the plants that tolerate a rain in the wrong season?  Are there any from 
seasonally moist/wet areas, or any from along streams and rivers?  

I grow a few South African winter bulbs in pots.  When hot, humid weather 
arrives I put the pots away in my laundry room--air conditioned and dry.  But, 
there I guess someday I'll have to do laundry, so I'm trying to keep away from 
plants that won't accept our year round conditions.

Conroe Joe (90 F today, 72 F for tonight, drizzling with rain in the 

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