Sternbergia lutea

Lauw de Jager
Wed, 08 Sep 2004 14:05:33 PDT
Dear Angelo and all,
This week I had an interesting experience with Sternbergia lutea.
 The majority was stored in a in special rooms at lower temperatures  15-22°
and another part in surrounding temperatures (which are very high here at
the moment: around 20-32°C) These stored at lower temperatures were showing
flowerbuds last week (and were planted immediately) while those stored at
ambient (higher) temperatures showed no flower buds at all.
Conclusion: high (soil) temperatures delay flowering. As far as I can see
hereflowerinf time has no relationship with humidity.
Regards from the south of France
Lauw de Jager

PS  Last monday we put in line 150 new photos in our website (as a result of
my new Nikon 5400 coolpix) and expedition is in full swing at the moment.

le 8/09/04 19:51, Angelo Porcelli à a écrit :
> here in south of Italy it's still to early for Sterbergia lutea, as we
> haven't got any rain so far. Usually it flowers late September to all
> October. 

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