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Sat, 18 Sep 2004 02:22:43 PDT

I know STIELTELLER only from the description of a blossom, where it refers
to an open-formed, flat blossom, much like a Tulipa or Calochortus opened
fully. A plate-formed blossom on a stem top!  I think the term is a bit
archaic, as I've only seen it used once or twice as a generic.

As to ROT, it is generic.  In German, the colour descriptions are a bit
different; ROSA is pale pink, PINK is deep pink (in the purple range).  Many
colours that are perceived as red are quite warm.  I think that BLASSROT
would be a warm, medium pink to most, while HELLROT would be like cadmium
pale, in artists colours, sort of scarlet, like a Pelargonium.  DUNKELROT
would be like a very ripe tomato, while KIRSCHROT would be a deep, cold,

Hope this helps a bit,

Jamie V.

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> I'm translating the key in Bayer's "The Genus Alstroemeria in Chile," a
> copy of which Roy Sachs kindly lent me. I'll be glad to share the result
> when it's done. I hope some member of this forum who knows both German and
> plants, the former at least better than I do, can help me with a couple of
> questions.
> 1. What does the word "Stielteller" mean? It is used in a compound
> describing the shape of a flower. I know "Stiel" and "Teller," but not the
> compound.
> 2. Is the word "rot" 'red' used in German for a particular type of red, at
> least in relation to flowers? No alstroemerias are spectrum red, but there
> are many orange-reds and purple-reds. Bayer uses the compounds "hellrot"
> 'light red' and "blassrot" 'pale red'. Can you suggest familiar flowers
> that would be described by these terms?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jane McGary
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