Floral Architecture floralartistry2000@yahoo.com
Sat, 18 Sep 2004 15:50:12 PDT
My experience for naming the plants is a bit varied.
It depends on who I am talking to. 

In regards to the customs office in Brasil, when I am
importing them, I need to have them labeled as
Hippeastrum procerum (Worsleya rayneri). The reason
being that the Brasilian custom officers still call
them Hippeastrum but US customs needs to recognize
them as Worsleya. 

As long as I have both names on the documentation, it
is not a problem. 

John Ingram in L.A., CA. 
http://www.floralarchitecture.com/ check it out 
310.709.1613 (cell, west coast time, please call accordingly. Thank you)

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