Christine Council
Sat, 18 Sep 2004 14:41:32 PDT
Hello all:
I have some questions about bulbs, perhaps I haven't understood what was
being said but please help me any how.  Is it ok to leave plants in the
pots and wait for them to bloom next season or should I cut the plants back
and dig up the bulbs?  Will I get bulbs if I plant by seed or will I
continue to
get seeds from most plants? Don't laugh, I am really trying. I did remove
bulbs from a plant because I thought it was too large. I washed the bulbs
with tepid 
water, dried them off and put them in the fridge; I hope I did the right
thing.  I
appreciate all the help I have received so far, I am like the beginner
cook; my heart
is in the right place.

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> From: Mary Sue Ittner <>
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> Date: 9/9/2004 10:54:49 PM
> Subject: [pbs] Primaverina
> Hi All,
> I've been very preoccupied potting up bulbs these days. Like Paul Tyerman
> have been starting a lot of seeds every year and my husband recently 
> commented that he thought I was maxed out for room for all I grow. I know 
> he is right. I've been glancing through the messages, but haven't felt I 
> had time to respond to anything, but Jim McKenney has at last made me
> to write.
> Reading Jim McKenney's remarks about bulbs appearing in the fall when his 
> garden is at its peak reminds me of how different our growing conditions 
> are on this pbs list. Like Angelo it has been a long time since we've had 
> rain here, May for us. Everything is bone dry and dusty and the fire
> is high. Gardens are asleep just waiting for the wake up call with the 
> first rains. Some of the bulbs are shooting out and even blooming, but
> aren't going to last very long since we have been having a really hot
> and everything is so dry. I think of this time as the start of the garden 
> season too and thought what Jim wrote was really poetic. I am really
> on seeing signs of growth as the foliage emerges and spikes of flowers
> Our California natives mostly won't start appearing until October to
> but I grow South African bulbs and some of them are making an appearance 
> now. There are some summer rainfall species that bloom at the end of
> season in bloom at the moment: Nerines, Tritonia disticha, and some 
> Gladiolus. Today my old standby, Calydorea amabilis, one of the longest 
> blooming bulbs I grow had four flowers and there was a nice flower on 
> Cypella coelestis. I think it would like a hotter summer and I've only
> a handful of flowers, but it is such a stunning thing when it bloom. No 
> doubt it has been liking our recent weather. The Zephyranthes candida,
> same one Jay shared with so many, has been really nice the last couple of 
> years. It likes getting watered every day in the pot with our lemon tree 
> which is on drip irrigation. It also doesn't seem to mind at all getting 
> high nitrogen fertilizer that the lemon tree requires. So much for common 
> wisdom.
> The first of the season winter rainfall Gladiolus have been blooming too. 
> One species is finished; G. carmineus has been blooming all over the 
> garden; and many others are spiking. Moraea polystachya is emerging and 
> will be in bloom soon and two species of winter growing Oxalis are
> blooming and others sprouting. Some of the summer growing Oxalis Uli has 
> shared with me are still blooming, especially the wonderful one from 
> Ecuador. The Cyclamen are appearing, always a thrill. Since our gardens
> not at their best at the moment, I find the fall and the end of summer 
> blooming bulbs give me a lift. They don't have so much to compete with so 
> they are very special.
> I wish that Scilla scilloides that I've been growing from seed for a
> of years now would bloom so I could decide whether or not I like it. If
> is as unattractive as Jim says, I'll be sorry I wasted the summer water
on it.
> A number of years ago I won some Bravoa geminiflora at a California 
> Horitcultural Society auction being grown by someone with hot summers. It 
> bloomed very nicely the first year, but hasn't since. This year it looks 
> the best it has since I got it, but still no blooms. I'm wondering if it 
> isn't happy with my temperatures. Does anyone on our list grow it?
> No one has added any pictures to the wiki in a week, a new record. I have
> number of pictures to add and a new member from Australia sent me some 
> pictures too, so will try to find the time to get them processed and up.
> Mary Sue
> Mary Sue Ittner
> California's North Coast
> Wet mild winters with occasional frost
> Dry mild summers
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