Hans und Babs Joschko
Thu, 09 Sep 2004 14:51:07 PDT
Dear Angelo ,

Thank you for your comments to my mail .
I have used the name f. sicula , because the plants I have seen in Apulia
and Calabria have narrow leaves than my plants from Sardinia . Also I have
seen a lot of Sternb. lutea in Greece
( Peleponnes - on different places ) .
I have collect my plants of St. f. sicula ( or angustifolia ) near Castel
del Monte ( I think you where this is ) , in this area they grows it
together with Colchicum cupanii and Nar. serotoninus , I have found this
plants on a lot of places in Apulia , but also in Calabria ( Mt. Sellaro ) ,
I believe the leaves from there was really very narrow .
My plants have a silver line on the middle and they have every year seeds .
I'm on this time very busy - because we go tomorrow in holiday ( Corsica ) ,
when I'm back I will report maybe more of Sternbergia .
Please , write to me privatly , I have made my options for the PBS mails
out, I will go on this forum after my return .
Sorry my english is bad - but my "Italy", is much more bad .
Maybe you speak german ?
Thank you

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