REPLY: [pbs] Oxblood Lily, and L. squamigera
Sun, 12 Sep 2004 10:06:32 PDT
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> I wonder if they are particular about warm winters?
Joe ~

Possibly.  When I grew this in Minnesota (USDA Z 4), it routinely bloomed in 
late August whether grown in clay loam or in the pure sand and full sun of the 
last property.  Of course, there the dead weed stems acted as a snow catch 
and one could count on the wind filtering in some 18"+ of wind-packed snow each 

In the latter location (right out in the field with everything else), the 
only summer water they got were from the occasional thunderstom, yet the row was 
always a forest of blooming stems.  One I did have trouble with under those 
conditions was L. sprengeri, which seldom bloomed.  I now understand that these 
species/species forms really do prefer more shade and moisture than what it 
was getting.

Dave Karnstedt
(now of) Silverton, Oregon, USA
Cool mediterranean climate (hot and dry in Summer and cool and wet in 
Winter), USDA Z 6-7

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