Muscari macrocarpum and Drimiopsis burkei

Rogan Roth
Mon, 13 Sep 2004 05:54:02 PDT
Dear Bulb-friends,

Some years ago I imported two bulbs of M. macrocarpum, and five years
later I still only have two bulbs of M. macrocarpum. If they don't set
seed or divide vegetatively, how do I propagate them?

Spring is well on its way here in the southern hemisphere (but for a
brief flurry of snow last week, which is very unusual for this part of
the world!) and many bulbs are sprouting or flowering, even a small pot
of Drimiopsis burkei is about to put on its annual show (in miniature!).
This microscopic plant puts up a few tiny leaves followed by a short
inflorescence no more than three or four centimeters high of pinkish
flowers reminiscent of Ledebouria. I'll attempt to get some photos of
this little charmer when in full bloom to post to the wiki.

I am very envious when I hear Paul Tyerman going on and on about all
the wonderful bulbs that seem to grow so well in his part of the world
:-)  I guess we (Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal) are just a little too
warm for most temperate bulbs to flourish - even daffodils fail to
thrive and soon disappear when planted in the garden. I would give a lot
just to be able to grow Fritillaria - any Fritillaria!

Goodbye for now from a mercifully tornado and cyclone-free South

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