Bulb Questions from Chris

Christine Council scamp@earthlink.net
Sun, 19 Sep 2004 18:40:42 PDT
Dear Mary Sue<
Thank you for your insight. I am doing fairly well as a plant lover, but
just when I think I know what I am doing, something strange happens.  My
daughter gave me a gift of a little portable green house, so I am going to 
try my luck with that.  I also removed some potted plants for the upcoming
and combined soil that looked as if nothing was growing; now stuff is
popping up
all over the place.  Nothing grew in those pots all Summer and not they
like the
dirt etc.  Now that I have mixed the soil, I know I shouldn't have. Don't
up on me because I have learned a great deal about plants, also my famaily
they love to see me working with my plants.  Of course I never thought I
get excited over a blossom or a root, perhaps I am finally in my element.
Thanks again for your advise, I shall get some more books.
See Ya,

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> Dear Chris,
> I'm sure none of us want to stifle your enthusiasm about growing bulbs,
> I think you might find a few books really helpful in answering your 
> questions. I think Growing Bulbs: The Complete Practical Guide by Brian 
> Mathew is an excellent book and I expect others could suggest other basic 
> books as well.
> It is impossible to give an answer that would work for all bulbs. Our
> talks about plants that are bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, tuberous roots,
> What they all have in common is an underground storage organ that helps 
> them survive difficult times. Some of them may be buried under snow and
> appear until spring. Others are sitting out a summer without rain and
> sprout when the rains begin. Others may be evergreen and never really
> their leaves. There are so many different variations.
> How to treat them depends on what you are growing. There are books that 
> will give you information about different plants. It is also helpful to 
> find out where they come from and what the conditions are where they
> Oxalis, one of your favorite bulbs, grows all over the world. We have 
> Oxalis growing in our Redwood forests in deep shade where they have
> rainfall and a dry summer except for the moisture that comes from fog
> There are Oxalis growing in forests in Europe. Many of the really
> ones are native to South Africa where some of them are found in areas
> are low in rainfall, hot in summer, but never really cold in winter when 
> the rain comes. They sprout with the first rains and go dormant when the 
> weather becomes hot and dry. But there are summer rainfall Oxalis too. 
> Other species come from Central or South America where they may have year 
> round or tropical summer rainfall and grow in summer and are dormant in 
> winter. So even with Oxalis you need to know something about the species 
> you are growing if you want to be successful with it.
> Some bulbs benefit from repotting and others will sulk for years when you 
> disturb their roots. It may be fine to leave bulbs in pots while they are 
> dormant or to remove them. It just depends. Most can be grown from seed. 
> Some will bloom quickly from seed and others will take many years and
> then may not bloom if the conditions are not to their liking. Some seed
> germinate quickly and other seed will take a long time. Some will grow 
> underground the first year and you won't even know that anything is
> Unless you have a greenhouse or a large indoor growing area with lights
> a beginner you'll have much better luck growing bulbs that are happy with 
> your climate. Many people in our group are able to grow bulbs that you 
> wouldn't expect they could by knowing what conditions the bulbs need and 
> providing those conditions. Some of us started however with things that 
> were very easy to grow before we tried harder things.
> If there is a plant you are wondering about tell us what it is and 
> hopefully someone in the group who grows it will try to help you.
> Mary Sue
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