Rats vs rats

Stephen Putman putman@pobox.upenn.edu
Fri, 03 Sep 2004 11:01:26 PDT
Just as a side matter, what do you think snakes eat besides gardeners?


Matthew Mattus wrote:
> My first posting after joining, and  I've been reading this group for a year
> I live in Worcester Massachusetts, and my collection of Camellia's from
> Nuccio's, about 20 potted trees, too have been abused by rats and squirrels.
> My elderly father, who keeps an apt above the car garages, feeds the birds
> obsessively. So we find seed spread around the greenhouses, on benches, on
> cut  wood that we stack for the firesplaces, everywhere.
> One day, we noticed that we first had many squirrels, but now closer
> inspection also told us that many of these we're big brown rats too, eating
> with the squirrels. They are buddies.
> I assume that they first came to our place since we had poultry in the
> barns. But now that the chickens are all gone, the rats have come closer. I
> too noticed that since we breed Irish terriers, well known ratters, that we
> never saw any until now, since the dogs are now off at shows in California
> for the fall. No wonder out little Margaret zips out back whenever she
> can...to hunt!
> The rats have posed a big problem now for us, since, although they stay out
> of the greenhouses since they are made of steel and stone, with high
> foundations to keep snakes out (my own silly phobia! don't ask!) The rats do
> dig through the potted plants out side for the summer, and now come quite
> close to the porches of the house. We have stopped feeding the birds except
> at select station, that have elaborate squirrel protection designed, but
> getting rid of them is still aproblem, since we don't want to use poison.
> The rats have eaten 5 of our biggest  Amorphophallus konjac, including two
> A. titanum.
> Mice have been a problem in the cold frames, I once counted 14 under one
> board. I lost all of our hardy common bulbs last year (tulips, etc,
> ornamentals for forcing and gifts) but the mice stay out of the big
> greenhouse since it is pretty sealed off. Good thing, since the Nerine
> sarniensis collection and cyrtanthus, clivia and South African bulbs are
> kept safe.
> This year we are constructing a new Alpine house, and since I designed it to
> have louver windows at bench height all around, I am concerned for the
> frit's and primulas inside. We'll see. Since we are loading it up for the
> autumn today.
> Anyway, now I am not embarrased to admit this little problem with nature.
> Rat's don't necessarily mean that you have trash, it just means that they
> are finding food and shelter.
> Greetings from Central Massachusetts!
> Matt Mattus
> Worcester, Massachusetts USA
> USDA Zone 5
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