Hippeastrum evansiae

Douglas Westfall eagle85@flash.net
Sat, 30 Apr 2005 08:41:14 PDT
Kevin D. PreussDoug Westfall hyline@tampabay.rr.com1111 Claiborne Dr. Long
Beach, CA

> It has to be dry to  get those temps or they will rot, if winters in green
> house may even stay evergreen even though dry.
> Doug's image is different from the 3 forms I have seen...there is much more
> red on  the tepals. Mine havbe only shown atinge of pink after a few days
> old. One form gets a magenta almost purplish near the center.  Is the
> spidery one H. anazoldoii?  I wonder many taxa out there that are part of
> H.evansiae?
> Kevin D. Preuss
> http://www.amaryllis-plus.com/

That is a good question. Dennis Tsang mentions a form that is "spidery." We
need more ijnput on that question.

Mine showed more of the pink in the first 3 - 5 days. The picture as posted
is what they look like today.

Did you see the pictures of my Hipp. intiflorum?  It is an orange-red.


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