Hymenocallis liriosme

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Wed, 20 Apr 2005 18:31:38 PDT

A friend and I were able to photograph a naturally occurring population of H. 
liriosme near Ganado, TX.  Gandado is certainly near the western limit of 
this species, and perhaps the southern limit too.  

We stopped along a country road, and the landowner saw us and came over to 
say "Hi."  He told us locals call the species "God's lily" because it blooms 
each year near Easter.  

The plants were growing in a somtimes-wet pasture and along adjacent roadside 
ditches.  They were present in the many hundreds, and perhaps the thousands. 
Upon continuing with our drive, we saw the plants in various places up to 
30-40 miles more southerly.  We did not see H. liriosme when sandstone-indicative 
plants were observed (e.g., Yucca campestris).  Possibly, H. liriosme does not 
occur naturally on sandstone-derived soils and the band of such soils in 
Texas (from northwest of Austin to Corpus Christi) limits the range of the 

Photo by Mike Burnett.  
LINK:  Photo, H. liriosme near Ganado, TX, pastureland with southern live 
oak--Quercus virginiana.  

The photo was taken on Saturday, April 2, 2005.  


Joe Shaw

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