Hippeastrum evansiae

Alberto Castillo ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com
Sat, 30 Apr 2005 15:22:31 PDT
Dear all:
           A most interesting thread as many regions in which Hippeastrums 
were growing wild in South America are totally dedicated to agriculture and 
the stock in cultivation is ultra precious now. Evansiae is one of the three 
species that has a yellow color of some sort (along with parodii and 
aglaiae). Doug's image is of evansiae proper but the red hint is typical of 
an ageing flower so is this an indication of some crossing with other 
species some time in the past?
          Jim Lykos info coincides exactly with the species' conditions in 
the wild. A long dry winter (say of zone 10) and then a hot rainy late 
spring/summer/autumn season of growth in zone 10/11. Some info can be 
misleading to say the least. I am sure there is people that can grow such 
bulbs in Minnesota or Saskatchewan but only under the same conditions it has 
in its Bolivian habitat.
           Interesting information in past issues of Plant Life suggests 
that this species is very touchy as to excess watering at any time of its 
growth period and in fact it comes from hot dry forests rather than rainy 
jungles. It is better to give it Cyrtanthus culture.

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