Flowering Dates -Erythroniums

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Thanks Mary Sue. I talked with the ranger at Gasquet and we are right on for
E. revolutum.

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Dear Nancy,

Hopefully someone will know about this location although since I'm planning 
a trip to see flowers after tax season I have found you can find a lot of 
helpful information online. Sometimes local CNPS groups have postings about 
what is blooming at the time in their areas. I know ours does.

As for our local wildflowers they are about on target for this time of the 
year, meaning that they are in the beginning stages. The Erythoniums I saw 
last week were in their later stages however and some years they have been 
in bloom mid April. Lilium maritimum which can be in bloom late May is well 
up and developing buds which is early. It's possible the early dry warm 
weather was as much a factor for them as the recent rains. Perhaps it is 
different for bulbs than it is for annuals.

Mary Sue

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