New List Administrator

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 17 Apr 2005 20:34:17 PDT
Hi all,

I am happy to announce that Susan Hayek has agreed to assist Arnold and me 
in administering the PBS list. Susan has already been helping me quite a 
lot with the wiki and I'm very pleased she is willing to help with the list 
as well. She has been adding selected photographs from John Lonsdale's web 
site to our wiki. John doesn't have time to tell us much about his plants 
and we really do like to have text to go with the pictures. For those of 
you who look at the recent changes or edits on the wiki, you can check out 
the new pictures as Susan adds them. We'd love to have any of you who would 
care to add text to go with the pictures to do so. You'll need to sign in 
to do so. Just write your first and last name together as one word. FirstLast

She has added Narcissus, Sternbergia, Leucojum, Acis, Galanthus, 
Nothoscordum, Ipheion, and Erythronium pictures so far and I believe is 
working on Arisaema at the moment. So if all you see next to a name is 
photo by John Lonsdale and you know something about that plant, please add it.

If you need to reach one of us go to our list information page:

and click on the bottom. An email started from there will go to all three 
of us.

I'd like to announce that my husband and I and two of our friends are 
heading out to look for wild flowers Tuesday morning. Given how much is 
blooming in my garden at the moment, it may seem like a strange time to go, 
but tax season in the US is now over so Bob can join me and we hope there 
are still flowers blooming at the higher elevations in parts of central and 
southern California. So if you need help while I'm gone please contact one 
of the others. Thanks.

Mary Sue

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