Wed, 27 Apr 2005 06:37:22 PDT
As a follow up to an image I posted last year on the wiki wiki, I can
report that it looks like the cardiocrinum I  have grown is going to
flower this year.  The new growth is in the form of a stalk that is
pushing straight up and at this point is about twelve inches tall. 
There are heart shaped leaves attached, clutching close to the stem.

I think Jim M. may have mentioned that when the bulb pushes up from  the
soil it is a sure sign that flowering is on the way.  As I uncovered the
bulb from its winter mulch the bulb had pushed up three to four inches.
 It was planted as a two year old from Heronswood Nursery before the
nursery was sold.

Sadly  I can't post an image.  My digital camera was the victim of a
loan to a friend and didn't make it back in operating condition.

Any recommendations on a good replacement will be greatly appreciated. 
Please post privately to


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