Spring in Central Indiana

Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Tue, 12 Apr 2005 14:08:07 PDT
>One Fritillaria thunbergii (?) is in bloom. The lone survivor from a batch 
>of a couple dozen bulbs of various Chinese Frits obtained several years 
>ago. Commercial bulbs of Fritillaria pallidiflora are in bud, as is one 
>seedling plant of F. pallidiflora. Frit. crassifolia kurdica from Jane 
>McGary are up in the rock garden and again in bud. Last year they set lots 
>of seeds, which I scattered around the main clump.

My F. michailovskyi (sp?) are blooming now.  They come back reliably each & 
every year.  I also have a couple F. meleagris (sp?) but those aren't 
blooming yet.

Dennis in Cincy

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