Manfreda virginica

Alberto Castillo
Sat, 23 Apr 2005 11:55:17 PDT

"Wow!  And to think I was nervous about sending an email to the PBS
>forum about a plant distinctly NOT of pacific-rim origin"

Hi Dennis:
             You shouldn't! All the time people is posting messages of 
plants that has nothing to do with this forum, like Scoliopus, or Hellebori. 
Perhaps the name should be changed to Pacific Plant Society.
             As for heights in Manfreda virginica, the form with the most 
attractive spotting I have came from Bexar County (no other data). But some 
seedlings from Conroe Joe look extremely robust
and will probably produce really large adult plants. Strangely they did not 
germinate with warm weather but awaited until the spring in YOUR hemisphere 
(i.e. now) to do it.

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