Merrill Jensen
Fri, 15 Apr 2005 07:49:16 PDT
Hi Mary Sue,

Thanks for sharing!  Scoliopus was one of those plants that I looked for
while I lived in Oregon, but was never able to locate one.  I had also
wanted to work it into the collections at the Oregon Garden, but was
'downsized' before that could happen.  How do you think it would fair in a
woodland in Palo Alto?  I've got a good humus soil that comes fairly close
to a coastal situation.  Anybody have one in the area?

Palo Alto, CA zone 9/10 where the Watsonia borbonica are blooming and I
picked up some Wachendorfia thyrsiflora yesterday to try...

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Gerhard Stickroth sent me a picture of Scoliopus bigelovii blooming in 
Germany grown by friend Josef Mayr who has given permission to add it to 
the wiki. I was quite amazed to see all these flowers together since in the 
wild it is tucked into corners here and there in the shady forest so I've 
never seen a photo opportunity where you could capture so many flowers at 
once. Also since this plant usually grows in the shade, the lack of light 
and shadows make good pictures a challenge. Josef is growing his plants in 
full sun in a former pond where he has changed the soil. I always find it 
fascinating to learn about the different ways people grow plants 
successfully. I don't know how cold it is where he lives, but he has found 
a system that works. Read about it and see the picture below. I guess I 
need to give my plants more nutrients and  more light besides the new 
regimen of additional summer water.…

Mary Sue

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