Floral Architecture
Sun, 24 Apr 2005 10:18:05 PDT
I have one Manfreda viriginica that I mentioned last time the subject came up. 

It is still doing well. It has remained evergreen for me, not a stretch really for S. CA. It flowered for me several years ago when I had it placed in full sun. The plant overall looked pretty shabby so I moved it back into the shade with the Clivias. The plant looks much better but I don't think I will be getting flowers again. And, it has never produced any offspring. 

The flower spike, Dennis, was about 5' tall with green spidery or lacy flowers. I loved them. I was totally entranced. I suppose I need to get this one out in the sun again and plan on watering it more. 

Oh, my leaf color is solid green.

I was given another one, I am not positive of the species, that is doing well. It is in a lot more sun until about 3 or so. I will expect it too bloom later on this year. I'm fairly certain that this came from one of Gary Hammer's nurseries and I think it will have red flowers. I seem to remember seeing it several years ago at Desert to Jungle in bloom and again was totally entranced. 

I hope to be able to get some more of these as they are quite durable. I guess anything that can grow in TX and harsh parts of Mexico have to be pretty durable. 


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