Falconet (and siblings)

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> If you like 'Falconet,' you'll like several of the others in this class!  
> Its 
> siblings 'Hoopoe' (best grower), 'Radiant Gem' (deepest color), 'Mot Mot,' 
> and 'Sparkling Tarts.' (good color).  'Bright Spangles' and 'Bright Spot' (a 
> bit 
> larger than the others), 'Castanets' (a x w/'Grand Soleil d'Or' that does 
> better in milder climates), 'Explosion,' 'Martinette,' and 'Matador' 
> (itself, the 
> seed parent of these).

Hi Gang,

David, thanks for the tip on the other bulbs.  I am always hesitant about 
buying plants that might not do well in winters with barely a frost.  I looked up 
most of the names on the Web, it is interesting that so few are mentioned 
widely--perhaps there will be more information in specialized publications.  

Do you know if any of these come in earlier or later than Falconet?  February 
Gold does OK here but seems sulky, it would be nice to have a fragrant and 
happy performer early on, as well as something a bit later than Falconet.

Falconet is finishing now, and in 2-3 weeks it will likely be too hot for 
mots Narcissus flowers to hold up in less in mostly shady locations.  

You are right by the way, I sure do love the fragrance.  

Conroe Joe

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