Gladiolus pictures from Bob Werra

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 10 Apr 2005 22:44:22 PDT

I split up the Southern African Gladiolus page on the wiki as it was 
getting very long. I have added some of Bob Werra's pictures to these 
pages. Many of them we already have and I hope I identified them all 
correctly as his notes on the CD had question marks by them. Feel free to 
let us know if they should be named something else.…
New pictures of Gladiolus caeruleus, Gladiolus carinatus, Gladiolus 
caryophyllaceus, Gladiolus gracilis, Gladiolus hirsutus…
New pictures of Gladiolus venustus and a new species, Gladiolus watsonii. 
The latter is one of those former Homoglossums.

Looking at his picture of Gladiolus caryophyllaceus I was reminded that I 
saw this species in Western Australia where it has escaped. I thought it 
was very pretty and wanted to grow it. I've found it very difficult to keep 
it going. I ended up with one plant that often has sickly looking leaves. 
Bob Werra sent me seed since he grows it and now a couple years later those 
leaves don't look very good either. I am concluding that it probably 
doesn't like my wet climate and will never be invasive here.

Mary Sue

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