Zephyranthes atamasca vs. Z. simpsonii

Burger, Steve Steve.Burger@choa.org
Wed, 27 Apr 2005 04:44:55 PDT
Hey y'all,

I have read that one can ID these two by the relative length of stamen and pistil.  I have been trying to ID mine (I threw (sorta) several of both in the garden between fall and late winter.  Now some are flowering.  Funny though, even on the same plant these flower parts aren't consistant in their relative proportions and one right now has both at the same length.

Since Z. simpsonii is supposed to be more floriferous I thought I could ID them that way, but that doesn't seem very scientific.  IS there a smoking gun to tell them apart?

To make matters worse...they didn't all survive (or just haven't emerged in a noticeable way), so I may be looking at all of the same species...



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