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My apologies to the PBS List and Lauw de Jager for the double post saying the same thing, phrased differently.

Obviously, there are people in this world who should *finish* drinking their morning coffee before attempting anything as complex as written communication and/or pushing a button. I am chagrined to find that I am one of them.

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>Dear Lauw:
>How does this work with a bulb that has produced a flush of leaves and is sending up a bloom stalk?  What I draw from the responses concerning my mystery Lachenalia is that the bulb needs little or no feeding, aside from a yearly repotting.
>>Dear Alberto,
>>I always read your comments with much intererest.
>>But I feel that this statement needs qualifying a bit more, as it is a very
>>interesting aspect when it concerns "bulbs".
>> Plants only use minerals when there is chlorophytic activity.
>> As for applying nutrients at the beginning of the cycle: the plants will
>>not use them, as long as they have no leaves. The plant uses its reserves to
>>create its structure. When the reserves become low, the plant should have
>>sufficient leaves to enable rebuilding its reserves by absorbing minerals.
>>When flowering takes place at the end of the cycle, leaves tend to
>>disintegrate and assimilation of minerals stops. In that case there is
>>little point of feeding the plant.
>>I look forward to hear, what the plant physiologists amongst will think.
>>Kind regards
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