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Nancy, where I am, we get more rain than Vancouver . Vancouver gets perhaps 
45 inches a year. But there's more to it than that. Here is a website that 
presents heat, daylight and rainfall by month. 

I am sure this is the same project.  Note that the date for bids has not 
closed; thus I would be wary of contracting to supply anything yet. I will 
now shut up and leave you to investigate further on your own.

With best wishes

Paige Woodward

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> Thanks Paige. I think this may be the same project, as they want very 
> large
> numbers and we are contemplating whether or not to pursue growing for 
> them.
> We tried to suggest that they be more flexible with species selection, but
> they seemed quite commited to the plant list/spec. We don't want to send
> lots of our bulbs up there to rot out in your climate, as it would be a
> waste as far as we are concerned. How much rainfall do you receive?
> -Nancy
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> Hello, Nancy and all. We are in southern BC and have also been fielding
> calls about Dichelostemma capitatum. This is one of a number of plants
> native to parts south of BC -- mainly California -- that have been 
> specified
> for a huge, expensive, flowering-roof project in Vancouver.  Normally 
> there
> is little call for D. capitatum here, because our climate doesn't suit it.
> Or anyway, that is my experience. Test plots have been set up for this 
> huge
> project, however; I wonder if  the specs will be revised.
> Paige Woodward
> paige@hillkeep.ca
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>> Greetings,
>> We have recently had a person from Southern British Columbia inquire
>> about whether or not Dichelostemma Capitatum would do well in their
>> climate (planted in the ground, not in pots). The climate at this site
>> is similar to Seattle, WA. Since this is out of Blue Dicks native
>> range and the rainfall is quite high, I am wondering if anyone living
>> up that way would share their
>> experience with growing this species in their garderns or meadows, and if
>> it
>> will naturalize or not,if you need to amend the soil for better drainage,
>> etc.
>> Thanks for any advice.
>> Grass Valley, California
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