Snowdrops - in the green NOT

James Waddick
Fri, 08 Apr 2005 07:46:12 PDT
Dear Louise and John;
	As you both preach, the tradition of 'In-the-green*' is 
nutsy. I propose that we use a "new" term - "Fresh**". This is oppose 
to the usual dried*** to crispness of traditional fall bulbs. Many 
bulbs are severely stressed by drying to this crisp state. Lycoris 
and Galanthus are just two genera that share this need to be kept 
fresh during dormancy. If not allowed to dry totally they can be dug 
when the foliage has ripened, stored for a few months and sent while 
still in a fresh state without stress or set back.

Some definitions:

	*In the green	Bulbs are dug with all foliage green, roots 
intact, even soil attached. Some bulbs tolerate this for a quick move 
from one part of the garden to another or for modest division. An 
emergency only.

	**Fresh	Bulbs are allowed to ripen their foliage, enter 
dormancy and are then dug and stored in a cool, dark moist state. 
They may be divided and cleaned of most soil. Roots may/or may not 
dry out. Such bulbs are shipped for later planting or around the 

	***Dry	Bulbs are dug after foliage has ripened, they a re 
dried in a warm dry spot for days or weeks. Usually all foliage roots 
and soil are removed. Outer tunics and skin are crispy and flaky. 
Very dry to the touch. Bulbs are stored warm and dry until shipping 
or replanting.

	I suggest that some bulbs TOLERATE a variety of conditions, 
but others are severely stressed by improper digging and storage.

	Surely readers can suggest other bulbs that require 'fresh' treatment.

		Best		Jim W.
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