Iris koreana & Iris odaesanensis

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 25 Apr 2005 13:12:35 PDT
These are definitely pacific-rim species, and therefore worthy of 
discussion.  :-)

About 3 or 4 years ago I got some starts of Iris koreana and Iris 
odaesanensis from Joe Pye Weed Garden in Massachusetts.  I planted them 
next to each other against the southwestern corner of my house.  Iris 
koreana has NOT been vigorous, but it has increased a little bit in size 
over the years.  It finally bloomed this year, sending up about half a 
dozen miniature stalks, each producing 2 flowers.  Iris odaesanensis HAS 
been vigorous and now covers an area approximately 4 square feet.  It 
blooms faithfully each year, and is just now starting to bloom again.  I'm 
expecting around 3 dozen stalks this season.

I've posted pictures on the SIGNA web database.  The flowers of each 
species are about an inch across.  Possibly good candidates for a rock 
garden, but I grow mine in a semi-shady woodland type spot with a mulchy 
humousy type soil.…

This year with my new camera I hope to get even better pics of Iris odaesensis.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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