Manfreda virginica

Dennis Kramb
Fri, 22 Apr 2005 14:06:31 PDT
I'm on the fringes of its native range, but I've thought it such an oddity 
that I've wanted to grow it ever since I first learned of this species.  I 
think I obtained seeds through NEWFS, and I planted them in my regular 
garden bed where only a few germinated.  One has survived but it languished 
amongst the weeds.  Last year I prepared a rock garden and transferred it 
there.  I watched it through the winter as it struggled to stay green, 
losing almost all its leaves.  This spring it appears extremely robust with 
its leaves growing bigger & fatter than I've ever seen, and it has many 
pups forming around its base with equally robust growth.  I think it 
appreciates its new home amongst the gravel & rocks, free from competition 
from weeds, growing in nearly full sun.  Surely it will reward me with some 

Dennis in Cincinnati

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