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>Subject: [pbs] Lachenalia
>Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 13:02:23 -0300
>I have an unknown Lachenalia that I have had for years. It is a single 
>bulb, the others that arrived with it just rotted away. It has multiple 
>wavy-edged leaves, some of which it keeps all winter (indoors in Canada) 
>and a spread of about 8", height 6-7". It suddenly decided to bloom and the 
>grayish-green bud stem is still closed not having cleared the leaves yet. 
>Been like that for weeks. I will try to identify it when it blooms, or post 
>a pic if I cannot. Can't seem to find a match for it on the wikki.
>In the meantime, do I feed the thing? It is in a 6" pot in a sunny window 
>and (finally) seems quite happy.

Dear Rand:
               It sounds more like Chlorogalum pomeridianum than a species 
of Lachenalia.
               No, do not feed it until the seed setting is over. The period 
in which a winter or spring flowering bulbs is voracious is after the flower 
is produced until the leaves are drying off. There is another previous 
period in which it uses proper food and it is that between the root 
production and the emergence of the first leaf in Autumn. Use something high 
in potassium and with low or no nitrogen.
in the pampas of Argentina

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