Wiki Folders

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 27 Apr 2005 08:35:13 PDT

For a majority of the genera on our wiki we have created folders or 
subdirectories where all the pictures of that genera are kept. We had to do 
this since the file section was getting so huge it took forever to load and 
manage. When you upload a file it goes directly to the file section. It 
does not get moved to a subdirectory until one of us who has permission to 
do that moves it. So if you announce a file as being in the subdirectory 
before it gets there anyone clicking on that url will get an error message. 
We have tried to get around this by asking people to announce the wiki 
page, not the url, but even this won't work if you have listed it as being 
in a subdirectory before it is there. It is actually a help if you add the 
subdirectory on the page when you edit it as long as one of us can move it 
quickly. But please don't announce this to the group until one of us has a 
change to move the file so that it will display properly. I can do it as 
can Jay Yourch, Susan Hayek, Mark McDonough, and Dave Brastow.


Mary Sue

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