fertilizing bulbs

Merrill Jensen merrill@gamblegarden.org
Thu, 07 Apr 2005 07:57:34 PDT
I've always followed the "Observe, Deduce, Apply" method of fertilization in
these cases.  No foliage, no fertilizer.  I have applied any good organic
fertilizer just when the new leaves start to nose out of the ground.  This
has worked well in the past and I'll do this with my new South African
friend, Amaryllis belladonna...

Merrill in Palo Alto where it is 60 and soggy again.  I feel like I never
left Oregon...

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And what about bulbs that do not synchronize flower and leaf production? 
The majority of colchicum for example - flowering  must draw on stored 
food reserves. These reserves then, are not replenished until leaves 
grow the following spring. And the clever colchicums also wait until 
spring to produce their seeds, when food reserves are re-supplied.

Judy in New Jersey where yesterday's sunshine and 70° Fahrenheit 
temperatures were uncomfortably warm for hard work in the garden. That's 
O.K. - today is overcast and more rain forecast. This after last 
weekend's flooding of the Delaware River, bridge closings, wet 
basements, and other such soggy happenings.
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