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Ron Ratco usually sells seed for E. henersonii. We are growing E.
hendersonii, but won't have it for sale for a couple of more years. Telos
Rare Bulbs may have it available this fall?
Nancy Gilbert
Far West Bulb Farm
Grass Valley, CA.

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Hello All,

I joined PBS at the suggestion of Louise Parsons - Thank you again Louise. I
am mainly interested in hardy bulbs which will do well in my area.  I've
spent many hours over the past few days reviewing the archives - what a vast
wealth of information.

I have been on a mission to find seed or bulbs of erythronium hendersonii.
We have a small nursery on 8 acres of woodlands with several large colonies
of our native erythronium oregonum.  I collect seed grow these on for
several years and then replant in areas of the property where the population
is low.  We also had a large quantity of our native trillium ovatum.  The
numbers have been dwindling since neighbors on both sides have removed all
large trees and now the deer come over here for their favorite snack -
trillium blossoms.

My collection of trilliums is as follows:

Trillium catesbaei
    erectum var. album (beige)
    erectum luteum (yellow)
    erectum var. erectum (red)

These seeds/plants are not for sale but I am very interested in trades for
other seeds/plants on my want list.

Please contact me off list

Julie Lockwood
Shadylane Nursery
Washington State, USA
Zone 8

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