Alberto Castillo
Wed, 20 Apr 2005 09:29:24 PDT

>From: Rand Nicholson <>
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>Subject: [pbs] Veltheimia
>Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:32:05 -0300
>Hello All:
>I guess we are pretty well agreed that the bulb I am growing is a 
>Velthemia, probably bracteata. Is there a consensus on feeding the bulb 
>when it is starting to bloom? I am mostly hearing that the bloom will draw 
>all its nutrients from the bulb with no feeding required until after the 
>bloom is over.

Hi Rand:
           If you fertilize properly (in minute doses) it will be of benefit 
to the bulb. Yes the flowering (and particularly seed setting) will extract 
most of the energy  stored the previous year but at this stage (right now, 
with the spike going up) a lot of the food is in the foliage and will be 
stored in the bulb as the leaves become yellow later in the season. If the 
fertilizer doses are excessive at this stage there is risk to burn the roots 
and make the flower spike abort.

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