Dichelostemma capitatum

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Thanks Jerry. That is a useful bit of information. I sometimes think D.
capitatum should be developed into a viable food crop(gasp!). It certainly
was a significant component of the indigenous peoples' diet.

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Nancy,Paige et al
    When I lived in Seattle Dichelostemma capitatum was almost a weed in
raised beds and gravel paths, which wasn't a problem since it makes such a
great cut flower and the plants don't bother other plants growing close by.
Of course, the seed heads could have been cut off, but I am not a tidy
person.  The seeds of this stock came from plants growing on the trail to
Dog Mountain on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge.  Long ago
the plant was native to bluffs in the Seattle/Tacoma area but it was
extirpated before my time.  I would think that this species would be easy in
Vancouver, BC.
Jerry John Flintoff
Vashon Island,Washington,USA
Zone 8
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