Wed, 06 Apr 2005 21:56:38 PDT
The Bay Area of California is not entirely hopeless for snowdrops: Wayne
Roderick once took me to see a garden full of naturalised Galanthus elwesii
not far from his home in Orinda. I know that this is is on a ridge-top and
that Palo Alto is lower, but it was a remarkable sight.

We have still got about 6 individual snowdrop flowers open here at
Colesbourne, belated secondary flowers of no beauty, but still there.

John Grimshaw

John Grimshaw
Dr John M. Grimshaw
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> Hi All,
> .  Eight
> months ago, I relocated to the Bay Area where they don't receive enough of
> winter chill, so am forced to explore the wide, wonderful world of South
> African geophytes.... Damn....
> Merrill Jensen
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