Snowdrops - in the green "again"

Lee & Scott Gerow
Sun, 10 Apr 2005 07:24:40 PDT
Good morning,
On Wed. (snow finally melting) I noticed that I had several Galanthus
bulbs that had 'heaved' themselves out of the ground (bulbs should have
been divided at least 2 yrs. ago) so I planted them in another location.
Several were budded up. They did not blink and by Sat. the flowers
had partially opened. My only experience with "in the green" to date.
I have recentley joined pbs and have started some bulbs from seeds this 
year.-first time for me, and now I wait. ;-)
Thank you to all who provide such a wealth of information, advise,and
sharing of  such vast knowledge. You have inspired me.
And a special thanks to Dell who sent seeds, in good faith, before I
actually became a member.
Ronnalee in Wiarton, zone 5a/5b (Niagara Escarpment along the
Bruce Trail- part of the Canadian Shield ) still snow mounds on the
North side of the house and today and yesterday temp. was 18.

first time for me, and now I wait. ;-)
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> Jim Waddick wrote: "Surely readers can suggest other bulbs that require
> 'fresh' treatment."
> One bulb pops to the top of my list of bulbs to be given the "fresh"
> treatment:  Leucojum vernum. Other candidates: Allium ursinum (some of you

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