Chinenses section irises

John Lonsdale
Fri, 19 Aug 2005 07:17:44 PDT
> If I'm not too late maybe I can harvest some seeds of 
>Iris odaesanensis.

Good luck Dennis!

I collected mine about 7 weeks ago in eastern PA.  The 
capsules were green and firm when I went in for my hip 
op., and brown and dehisced when I got home 3 days later. 
 I managed to salvage a few.  Iris koreana did the same 
thing at the same time.  Iris henryi flowered but didn't 
set seed, unfortunately.  They are a wonderful group of 
irises.  Do you know when is the best time to divide them? 
 I tried both a couple of years ago and potted up 30-40 
single fans of each and got only about 10% success.  I 
expected > 90%.  Most rotted, although it was a very wet 
spring and summer here.  Have you tried them in the fall?



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