Digital photography of certain flowers

Thu, 25 Aug 2005 23:32:52 PDT
I think the fundamental problem you are describing is to do with the
"auto-exposure" the camera carries out. White flowers usually end up with a
lot of their detail washed out by the exposure reaching the maximum digital
value recordable. The only solution is to over-ride the camera's exposure
and "under-expose". This is particularly the case when it is sunny but even
in overcast conditions cameras will often expose for what seems to the dumb
electronics to be the bulk of the scene.

Under-exposing will render the background less well defined but this often
isn't a problem with flower pictures. Assuming your camera allows this
over-ride though you may need to "post-process" the picture in Photoshop or
suchlike to get the image "right".

In summary flower pictures can be hard ! With my camera (Nikon D70) it is
yellow flowers I have greatest difficulty with - it seems to regard
over-exposure in the red channel as being quite acceptable !

One simple thing though that will help a lot with most digital cameras - the
more of the frame you fill with the flower the more likely it is to get it
right - as it will average its exposure mostly over the actual flower.

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