Alberto's slits

Cynthia Mueller
Mon, 01 Aug 2005 04:33:22 PDT
Dear Alberto,

You recently described your "slits" in pots thusly:

"For the 5 gallon buckets I cut 
three vertical slits one third up the bucket's height, from the bottom up 
and at the same time cutting 1 in or so fo the bottom itself to avoid any 
watering collecting at the bottom." ...does this mean you are truly only making a slit - not a vertical actual gap in the wall of the container where media could fall out?  And at the bottom you are making some sort of a cut that does form a "hole" for drainage, much like the usual drainage hole?  How large in diameter is the hole at the bottom of your container?


Cynthia W. Mueller
College Station, TX

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