Kelly O'Neill
Tue, 16 Aug 2005 00:15:37 PDT
>... And pencil
> is the best for writing on metal or plastic. I have used 
lead and 14
> different types of marker. Sharpies are pretty lasting but 
> fade. Best Alberto

   Pencil does last well. My long lasting favorite for hand 
use is the Listo brand wax markers. A bit coarse for much 
detail, though. And Listo's red wax did not last. 
   What I usually use is a laser printer on clear Avery brand 
address labels. The laser melts the text into the plastic of 
the clear label. The tag production process is a bit 
expensive and time consuming. Once they are in the data 
base (MS Access), however, it is easy to make copies 
(with much detail). I stick them on pot labels, though, they 
would stick well to clean mini blind slats. They last really 
well and last even better when buried.  KellyO

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