Fire, Smoke, Past PBS posts

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 29 Aug 2005 09:41:47 PDT

>From: Diane Whitehead <>

>P.neriifolia and P. punctata in about 3 weeks, but some unsmoked
>seeds germinated 4 days later than the smoked ones.

Dear all:
           I hate to spoil a good story but results with smoke and without 
it are pretty much the same with FRESH SEEDS. Seed from Silverhill Seeds of 
very many species germainte readily as does that from Australian Bulbs, Jane 
MCGary, the Archibalds, Flores & Watson, and most from PBS (notoriously that 
from Chuck Hardman!!).
With OLD SEEDS it is very probable that smoke will make the embryos wake up.
Smoke has a potential with other plants like Mexican Zephyranthes in the 
induction of "perpetual" flowering (for a single season).

All the best

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