How my seeds and bulbs have done

Carol Jensen
Tue, 30 Aug 2005 03:55:43 PDT
Dell, the last bulbs you sent came yesterday and got planted immediately. There were roots on half of the bulbs.

The first shipment I got I ruined. First I gave half to my daughter to plant outside and she didn't do it. I got them back and tried flotation (to see if any were viable), 4 got roots, I planted them very carefully, but they never came up.

Most of the others did fine for a while and then I got the damping off phenomenon. I had no idea how to treat such small seedlings! I sprayed them every day with tepid water.

Well, later on I got both bulbs, 2 kinds, that I planted in 2 pots with compost, put in a windowsill and watered twice a week with tepid water. They did just great. After a month I took them into the kitchen and weeded them (my compost pot is in the kitchen). There was a cucumber in one, but I got it out safely. This was a couple of weeks ago, and they are still doing fine in an east-faced window.

There were seeds in the same shipment and I planted 1 or 2 in very small pots. I'll never do that again, at least not in hot summer. They are in a west-faced window and dry out just about every day. As soon as they are stronger, perhaps next spring, they will inhabit the same large pot.


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