Lycoris squamigera in the garden

Brook Klehm
Mon, 08 Aug 2005 22:14:33 PDT
I like your suggestions.  I am translating the notes about Lycoris 
squamigera companions to Amaryllis belladona, as that is more common 
here in northern California.  I am partial to naked ladies sprouting 
out of a duff of fallen leaves.  On my drive to work I see a patch of 
Amaryllis underneath Fraxinus oregona (which drops its leaves early in 
the season, just as the Amaryllis are finishing their bloom).  With the 
horizontal morning light picking out the heads of pink flowers above 
their arched stems above yellow-green fallen leaves, it is quite 
autumnal.  Unfortunately, in northern California few deciduous plants 
color very well.  Our only reliable fall color is Toxicodendron 
diversilobum (Poison Oak).
Brook Klehm
Sebastopol California, where my Amaryllis belladona is just beginning 
to open its first flowers on the southwest side of a Monterey pine.

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