Watsonias & fire.

Hamish Sloan hamish.sloan@virgin.net
Wed, 24 Aug 2005 13:57:12 PDT
Hello All,

Callistemon (Australian bottle brushes) are said to require exposure to 
fire for germination.
Callistemon salignus and C.subulata germinated very well for me this year 
by covering seed lightly with a 50/50 mix of seed compost and fine bonfire 
Bonfire mainly wood and perennial weeds, covered with layer of clay or 
clayey soil (which will have plenty of iron compounds present).
I usually store the fines for a few months before use.
I have not tried this with any bulbs.

Worth a try? Though I believe some of you live in areas where bonfires are 
frowned upon, to say the least.
Alternatively, try the ashes from your wood-burning fires indoors, but I 
suggest expose to air for a few weeks first.

Regards Hamish

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Has anybody tried some of the "liquid smoke" that is sold in grocery
stores to give food a barbecued taste?

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