Relevance of Pokeweed to Bulbs

Alberto Castillo
Tue, 16 Aug 2005 06:59:13 PDT

"Wasn't it Alberto who first mentioned Pokeweed on this list? And his point
>was that Pokeweed was known to harbor many different plant viruses without
>displaying symptoms?
>So would the moral be that you do not want to grow pokeweed, even its
>desirable cultivars, anywhere near valued bulbs or other plants that you do 
>want to have infected by these plant viruses?
>Bill Lee"

Wow, God DOES exist and some people does read postings in this list!!  YES, 
I was warning people that this particular plant is chemically capable of 
resisting all types of viruses that wipes out other plants and CARRYING them 
in its sap. Several other messages quoted web info confirming the same fact, 
one even stating that its sap can contain components active against AIDS 
virus (this is just another virus it has resistance against). What has 
followed is a merry thread of people praising the virtues of a variegated 
form of this horror. If you grow it in the whereabouts of your bulb 
collection (and I assume your collections are very valuable in terms of time 
and expense) you will have a permanent potential source of all sorts of 
viruses to affect your bulbs. Besides, it remains to be demonstrated that 
the variegation is a true chimera and not a virus itself.

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